i just got a gem motherfucker

im going on a plane in two days.

sweet baby jesus im freaking out

im conflicted between the things i want and the things that are good for me

i know its not christmas anymore but my pic likes the hat

up to episode 7 and im already shipping usagi and ami

hobbit next week woot

late birthday present from my brother

they’re knee high converse


watching everybody freak out over glee

guess who has a roller derby try out in feb? :D

my god im blushing so hard right now

oh my good i feel so sick.

coming back from my doctors appointment, im waiting by the bus stop, and this creepy guy starts talking to me. he asks for my name and how my day was.

then he asks if i’d like to buy some pseudo-ephedrine. i told him no, multiple times. then he tries to chat me up. asking for my number, asking if i have a boyfriend and such.

but the icing on the cake: he asks me if im a prostitute and guesses my hourly rate. he also asks if im a porn star, and if i’d like to met him behind an alley.

i have never wanted to punch someone so hard in my entire life.

im waiting for my bus, anxious to leave as far away as possible. i needed to take a shower cause i felt so disgusting. im home now, and im probably not gonna leave for the rest of the day.

and people wonder why i stay in my room all the time.

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